Orthodontic Treatement and Care

Dear Parent/ Guardian/ Client, Thank you for choosing us as Matloga Orthodontic Practice for your treatment.
The following important aspects of the treatment is brought to your attention:

  • Following a thorough examination, a treatment plan will be set specifically aimed at treating your child's/ your main complaint. Many factors, however, come into play and some, such as growth, are difficult to control. Unusual growth patterns are biological processes beyond the doctor's control and may affect treatment or end results. The ideal result may not always be attainable because inherited genetic factors cannot be changed. The treatment plan may therefore have to be adjusted during the period of treatment.
  • Orthodontic appliances are delicate and relatively expensive (time & money). Patients should therefore treat them with the utmost care and respect. Any problem (breakages) must be reported as soon as possible in order to enable us to do the necessary corrections. It is recommended that you have regular dental visits (at least two (2) times a year i.e. after every six (6) month) to maintain good oral health during and after orthodontic treatment, you floss and brush your teeth while looking into the mirror three (3) times a day. There is a charge for replacing broken or lost appliances.
  • Orthodontic treatment is seldom shorter than 2 years. For treatment to proceeds smoothly to a successful conclusion, the whole-hearted co-operation of patients and parent(s) / guardian(s) is essential. All instructions with regard to oral hygiene, diet, placing of elastic, handling of removal appliances or extra-oral traction must be complied with by the patient. To obtain the most from the appliance, instructions have to be followed conscientiously.
  • Wearing of appliances makes cleaning of teeth more difficult, but healthy teeth and gums are important and will eventually determine the long-term success of the treatment. Excellent oral hygiene is necessary to prevent tooth decay/ decalcification around the appliance during and after orthodontic treatment.
  • Following active treatment, a retention appliance is worn to hold the teeth in their new positions. If such an appliance is not worn as instructed, the end result may not remain stable and the teeth will revert to their original positions and then require further treatment. This phase of treatment is very important and still part of the orthodontic treatment.
  • Should you be unable to keep an appointment, please try to cancel well in advance and at the same time make a new appointment. Orthodontic appliances must be checked and activated regularly and should the appointment not be kept, treatment time will be prolonged and malocclusion may even be worsened.
  • Please let us know if your contact details change.
  • The amounts to be paid will be discussed with you before treatment is started. After the initial fee (deposit) the remainder of the fee may be paid in monthly instalments covering the treatment time. Should you decide to terminate / stop the treatment before the end /finish, you must pay the treatment fee in full as initially discussed.
  • Welcome to MATLOGA ORTHODONTIC PRACTICE. Our aim is to make your period of treatment with us as pleasant as possible; cooperation is the key to success.