Orthodontic Treatment Procedure

General Examination and Discussion of Contract and important issues.

Also deemed as the first consulation, in this stage a general examination is performed and issues relating to the contract, procedure and care as well as other important information is discussed. A contract is taken home and should be brought back together with Consent and Affidavit forms signed before the treatment begins.

An image of molds below

Records taking, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Classification and Fee.

In this phase Cephalometric X-Rays(above), Panoramic X-Rays(below), Orthodontic Photos(Interoral and Extraoral) and Impression(Molds) are made and taken for study purposes.

Treatment Phase(Bonding of braces onto the teeth).

In this phase we bond the braces onto the individuals teeth. You are then required to come for a check-up and adjustments every 30 days. Evaluation of progress is vital. A deposit of 30% towards the procedure is made before the treatment starts, the remaining 70% is payable within 24 months in installments.

Retention Phase(Braces are removed and retainers continue treatment).

In this stage the braces are removed from the teeth and impressions are made and taken to construct a Retainer. These retainers are usually removable and will maintain the changes made to your teeth if worn continuously until the teeth and bone are stabalized in their new position.